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Door Closer Installation

Do you have a busy entrance? Are people constantly knocking on your door, insisting they leave something? If so, consider installing a door closer. A door closer is a device that allows one person to control the entryway of a room or office by closing or opening the door. This can be beneficial, from preventing access to inappropriate people to improving customer service.

What is a door closer?

A door closer is a device used to close or open a door. They are typically powered by electricity or hydraulic fluid and can be manually operated. More often than not, door closers are integrated into the interior design of a room or space. Some door closers are attached to walls, while others hang down from the ceiling. Most come in different sizes and colors and can be matched with any interior décor.

Types of door closers

The three most common types of door closers are spring-loaded, hydraulic, and manual.

Spring-loaded door closers use a spring to push against a metal plate attached to the door frame and keep it closed. They have the advantage of being relatively easy to install.

Hydraulic door closers use hydraulic pressure to keep the door closed. This type of closure is faster than a spring-loaded closure.

Manual door closers use human power to close the door. They are slower than either a hydraulic or a spring-loaded closure.

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How do door closers work?

Door closers are devices used to keep the door closed. There are two types of door closers: manual and automatic. Manual door closers can be operated by hand, while automatic ones use an electric motor. When you want to close the door, you push the button on the closed door until it clicks into place. The closer has a magnet that attaches to the doorframe and keeps it closed. When you open the door, the closer releases the magnet, and the spring opens the door.

Benefits of Door Closer Installation

There are plenty of reasons to install a door closer, and the installation process can be very simple or complex, depending on the closer type. Here are four common benefits of Door Closer:

1. Safety First: A door closer reduces the risk of children or pets getting caught in the door when it is opened and closed unexpectedly. It also reduces the risk of injury if someone falls down a small opening created by a broken door closer.

2. Cleaning Time Reduced: With a properly installed and working door closer, cleaning time is reduced significantly – usually requiring only a hose attachment rather than a full home cleaning.

3. Energy Efficiency: A properly installed and working door closer conserves energy by reducing idle cycles in your home’s heating and cooling systems. This can help reduce your monthly energy bill.

4. Improved Home Appearance: A correctly installed and working door closer gives your home an improved appearance, making it look newer and more well-maintained.

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